About Us

Auto parts categories

Air compression spring
Car air-conditioners
Power Relays
U.S. General Shift Knob
BMW stand head design
Manufacture of LED lamp holder group.

Quality Policy

Excellent quality of service-oriented continuous improvement.

Business philosophy

Customer satisfaction. Employee happiness. Shareholders' joy
Create Added value. Reasonable distribution of profits.

Company History

  • HONG YU Industrial founded in April 1996. The early capital  amount Erbai the million.
  • The inception communications equipment. Electronic camera components, mold design and development. The anufacturing principal place of business content.
1999年 Injection molding factory in 1999, to facilitate the needs of customers.
2001年 Transformation into car SENSOR 2001 pressure switch. Relay switch OEM.ODM design manufacturing.
  • capital increase due to expanding business needs capital of  one thousand yuan a whole.
  • In 2003 by introducing the Japanese Hill a motor  manufacturing IC SOCKET parts.Joint development and  technology company in the days to test the TEST SOCKET IC  SOCKET.BGA package is now offering samples to  Siliconware. ASE for testing in the future is expected toenter  the supply chain.
2004年 ISO9001 2000 version certification. And through PPAP certification.
2005年 2005 with domestic and foreign large manufacturers to jointly develop vehicles using the AIR SPRing volume production expected in 2007.

Vision for the future

Cumulative IC Socket manufacturing experience combined with auto parts for many years design and manufacturing experience the company is expected towards the car. Electronic Components SENSORS module development on the cost of vehicles due to the future car SENSORS components accounted for the entire 2015 automobile manufacturing costs by 15%, it allows the company to continue to grow more forward-looking. in addition, the Company in the IC testing, pondering developed over the years. therefore, this year is expected to close results. all at the introduction of all-electric injection molding machine. factory clean room equipment and facilities.